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12/03/14 - The Humane Society of NC Arkansas Receives $2,500.00 Grant


Humane Society of North Central Arkansas

Media Contact: Carolyn Carter

Low Income Family Spay/ Neuter Voucher Grant ASPCA Awards Grant

Mountain Home, Arkansas—The Humane Society of North Central Arkansas today announced we will receive funding for our Low Income Family Spay/Neuter Program with a grant of $2500.00 from the ASPCA.

“There are so many animals in need of spay/neuter in our area,” said Carolyn Carter, Shelter Manager. “The objective of this grant is to save lives by preventing unwanted, unintended liters of babies. Lowering the amount of animals in our area will provide the citizens relief and reduce diseases transferred from animals into our community.
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About Humane Society of North Central Arkansas

The Humane society of North Central Arkansas, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization incorporated in the State Of Arkansas. The Purpose and policy of the Humane Society is to protect, care for, and reduce the population of neglected, abandoned, homeless, unwanted or abused animals within Baxter County with particular emphasis on the canine and feline populations.