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Duane Hada's Rivertown Gallery

"As a working artist and passionate outdoorsman, I cannot think of any better place to live and work than my Ozark studio tucked away on a ridge close to the Buffalo River National Park. From this vantage point I experience daily the wonders of the Natural State. I never have to look far or ponder long for inspiration. As a native son of this rural landscape, I've become increasingly aware and protective of my corner of the planet and strive to keep the Ozark ecosystem the unique wild and beautiful place that defines who I am and what I paint. I feel great achievement when I paint from my own heart and passion and others identify with my efforts to capture a special time and place that I call home. Many of my favorite representational watercolor or acrylic paintings depict an unspoiled land of unmatched natural beauty; my Ozarks, quiet, intimate places I know well, places that upon visit immediately stir up the creative side of me and won't rest until painted. As the Ozarks are discovered and changing, I see my art bring awareness especially to those new to this state and desire that they live compatibly with the rhythms of the Natural State."

Duane holds a BSE in Art from the University of Central Arkansas. He has also received certification from the Federation of Fly Fishers as an instructor. He has taught numerous courses and workshops at local colleges and universities in fly fishing and art. His various slide presentation programs are popular with fly fishing clubs and conservation organizations.