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Winter Fishing in Arkansas Awaits!

While many visitors hit the waters of Lake Norfork, Bull Shoals Lake, White River, and Norfork River, few of them realize that some of the best fishing in these waters happens in the winter. The cooler water encourages these fish to breed, and with fewer fishermen on and in the water, competition for them is next to none. Winter fishing in Arkansas draws in the hardy fisherman with plentiful supplies of all sorts of fresh water fish. Striper fishing, trout fishing, rainbow trout fishing and bass fishing yield patient fishermen with plentiful catches to enjoy cooked over an open flame at the campfire. Winter fishing in Arkansas may be one of the area's best kept secrets.

Perhaps the most common fishing in Arkansas, bass fishing, satiates even the most hungry fisherman, both with the satisfying experience and commune with nature and with a flavorful catch. Bass fishing may be the most popular because just about everyone can enjoy it. Bass can be caught from those fishing along the banks, but most prefer to purchase a bass boat to work the waters. Striper fishing and bass fishing are the most popular types of fishing in this area because they are really plentiflu in Lake Norfork and Bull Shoals Lake.

Winter fishing in Arkansas includes rainbow trout fishing.  Trout love the cooler water. Trout fishing in White River and Norfork River is both relaxing and rewarding as the trout are plentiful and the normally elusive rainbow trout make regular appearances in the river as well as in tailwaters of Bull Shoals Lake and Norfork Lake. Anyone wishing to catch a great wall trophy fish will find that a snap here where record sized fish are in abundance. Fishing in Arkansas year round is a great activity the entire family can enjoy, but if you are looking for some peace and quiet, winter fishing in Arkansas can provide the solitude to reset. Whatever your pleasure, our beautiful clear lakes are waiting for you.


Hunting in and around Mountain Home

Mountain Home, Arkansas, one of the country's most sought after retirement and vacation spots, has everything you need for a quaint and relaxing get-a-way. It's also home to one of the best hunting destinations as well. Mountain Home, Arkansas offers approximately 130,000 acres of beautiful hardwood forest, along with two adjoining rivers, Springfed Creeks and unbelievably grassy Meadows.

Many of you who enjoy the great outdoors can enjoy a day filled with hunting in Arkansas. In Mountain Home, there is a wide variety of hunting game to choose from, such as waterfowl hunting, turkey hunting, as well as hunting other species such as rabbit, squirrel and deer. 

If you're one of those people who enjoys hunting and being out in the great outdoors - and particularly being outdoors and hunting in Arkansas, then Mountain Home is the place for you. It has some of the greatest recreational and hunting fields in the country. But if you're coming to hunt, you should come prepared. According to the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Department, deer hunters must adhere to all of the general hunting and deer hunting regulations. Proper licensing and permits must be obtained before participating in this sport. Additionally antler point restrictions are also enforced in the state of Arkansas. Mountain Home also welcomes youth hunters, as long as they are supervised by a legal parent or guardian, what better way for them to learn to hunt or fish and just fall in love with the great outdoors early on in their lives.

Mountain Home is as beautiful as it is serene. It is elevated 800 ft and has temperatures from 23 degrees to 73 degrees during the fall and winter months and between 46 to 91 degrees during the spring and summer months. Mountain Home, Arkansas offers great lodging and accommodations for those who enjoy recreational activities that includes hunting. It is also very accommodating for those who enjoy this recreational location regardless of the season.  

It is home to some of the best and most wonderful authentic structures in Arkansas while maintaining its frontier character and unbelievably breath taking views. To indulge in this magnificent peaceful of land, make your reservations today.

If it's hunting you choose this fall, don't forget your hunting license! Click here for more information on Arkansas hunting.