Cedarhurst Senior Living


When living at home gets complicated. When close friends have made the move. When you need that extra support. When health and safety must come first. And when your instincts are insisting it’s time for a change.

Lean on Cedarhurst Senior Living to lighten the weight of your decision about what comes next. Our staff will meet your questions with all the information you need – to assist you in making a wise choice now, as well as assure your needs are fully met later.

Cedarhurst senior living communities embrace a resident’s perspective. This makes it an uplifting, protective place that bends to the individual needs of every life it shelters. Personal history and preferences are respected, communities are thoughtfully furnished, meals and activities are daily highlights, and care services are intelligently integrated.

These essentials set you free to enjoy the meaningful aspects of life; the small exchanges, surprises and experiences that add brightness to every passing day. We’d be honored to have you, your family and friends join our senior living communities at Cedarhurst. Please relax, breathe easy and allow us to assist you.

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