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6 East 7th Street,Mountain Home, AR 72653


The Baxter County Assessor’s office would like to welcome you to our beautiful county with 2 lakes and 3 rivers! Our office is one of the first offices you will need to check-in with when you relocate to our County.  Our friendly staff will welcome you and give you all the information to get started. 


If you are new to Arkansas, state law requires vehicles and other personal property items to be licensed. They must first be assessed in our office before you can license them at our local Department of Revenue.


Personal Property Defined:  Individual Personal Property is just that –it belongs to and is used by individuals but is not used to produce income.  All privately owned vehicles are assessed as individual personal property, and many require licensing for use on public highways. All personal property should be reported to the County Assessor every year between January 1 and May 31 to avoid a late assessment penalty of 10%.


If you own a business in Arkansas, you must also assess all Commercial/Business Personal property. 


Commercial Property Defined: Commercial personal property is items used to produce income.  This may be through the sale of items, the provision of a service, or the production of items to be sold.  Everything from a hot dog cart to a nuclear power plant, along with all their components, constitutes commercial/business personal property.


Other things to know:

If you own personal or commercial real estate: The Assessor automatically assesses real property annually to the owner of record based upon the current property records.  The property owner does not need to take any action if there are no changes to the property. The property owner should notify the Assessor if there are any changes such as construction of new buildings, additions to existing structures or a change in use of the property (for example: going from owner-occupied residence to rental property).


During a reappraisal cycle, consisting of 5 years, any previously undiscovered property is discovered and assessed by the Assessor.  The assessor makes changes of ownership in real property according to properly recorded deeds or other real property transfer documents.


Links and other information:


Website:  our website is a wealth of information. You  can even assess your personal and business property through the website after you have assessed the first time in the office. You may also assess by phone or email.  We are here to make things convenient for you!


Phone: 870-425-3453     Fax:  870-425-2527            Email:


Our governing agent: Arkansas Assessment Coordination Department is locatedin Little Rock AR

Their website is:

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