Bull Shoals Lake

If Bull Shoals Lake had a motto, it might very well be, “If you’re going to go, GO BIG.” The largest lake in Arkansas, Bull Shoals offers a whopping 1,000 miles of shoreline and 74 square miles of surface. Clean and beautiful, this pristine attraction welcomes thousands upon thousands of visitors every year. Watersports abound on Bull Shoals, and people wakeboarding, tubing, and water skiing are familiar sights here. Boating is a breeze thanks to low traffic and wide channels; with such a large surface area, you’ll never feel crowded or fail to find your own secluded cove to drop anchor and relax as well. Set up camp, or visit one of the many resorts near the lake for a weekend the whole family will enjoy. If it can happen on the water, it’s happening at Bull Shoals Lake, a glittering sapphire gem in the emerald Ozark Mountains.

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