Gamma House
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Q: What is the purpose of Gamma House?

A: The Gamma House offers transitional housing for homeless women and their children. Gamma House plays a critical role in the health and well-being of our community and our region. As our region's only transitional housing shelter for homeless women and children, we meet a need not currently being met by other organizations. Residents are offered services and support which will assist them in getting back on their feet again, physically, spiritually and emotionally. It is not our purpose to assist our residents with their responsibilities, but rather to assist each resident in taking responsibility for her own life. Gamma House is here to provide a HAND UP rather than a HANDOUT.

Q: Whom does Gamma House serve?

A: Any female over 18 with or without children who finds themselves without shelter and food. We give consideration to all, without regard to color, religious preference, sexual orientation, disabilities, etc. We have served 18 year old mothers headed down the wrong road(s) and also older ladies that were destitute and homeless, due to medical bills, illness, etc. Gamma House is a shelter that takes the most vulnerable among us; single moms (in many cases) that have very few options. Many times, those options involve staying with their children - or alone - in homes where they are or may be taken advantage of, all for the need of food and shelter. We on-board these ladies and teach life skills, assist in meaningful employment and begin the process of breaking the chains of generational homelessness and poverty.

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